What Are The 3 Pieces Of Fashion Every Australian Girl Is Wearing Right Now?

Here at EveryDayGirl Fashion we are expanding every day, adding only the newest gorgeous, sassiest and sexiest products just for you. Coming into Winter we thought we would share our 3 top selling products and why these fantastic clothes are getting everyones heads turning so make sure to check these out if you haven't already!!

Off Shoulder Leopard Print Top
Leopard Print had never left the building! This off shoulder top provides the right amount of class and sassiness that we all know we want in a casual wear top. This top is our top seller at the moment and for good reason, with its adaptability¬†to any function you need it for (plus it goes all so well with that necklace you never wear ūüėČ).¬†Make sure to get this top ladies, because everyone else sure is..


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Leopard Print Cover Up Top
Now who would've thought that leopard print would also be our second best seller?? We certainly did! This cover up top is ideal for not only stamping your amazing fashion sense around, but suits that everyday girl top thats also on special.. Made of high quality fabrics this throw over will keep everyones eyes on you and lets be honest the everyday girl always gets the looks. shrug emoji


'Black Ice' Lace Tank
Looking for a nice dark sexy top to go with your darker trousers or perhaps that good looking leopard print throw over?? This lace tank is not only sassy as hell, but absolutely gorgeous with its v-neck lace style. Smooth to the touch with a hint of naughty this top can come out at almost any occasion and damn it will feel good! Our 'Black Ice' Lace Tank is selling like crazy and you can see why! So make sure to add this bad girl to your collection because right now its an absolute steal at just $19!!!


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    Just ordered the lace top, looks really cute, can’t wait for it to arrive xx

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